3 Important Reasons to Unblock Drains of Your Home – Ways to Fix the Problems

Blocked drains are the common problems that can be the reason for clogged drain with various unnecessary nuisances. These problems can be the reason for overloading water in your kitchen sink or washroom basin that can be quite irritating when you are in a hurry. This is where property owners need to unblock drains to control the drainage issue.

Hygiene is a necessity during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sanitising and handwashing are not the only ways to prevent the viral disease. It is also necessary to maintain cleanliness by taking care of your blocked drains. If you are facing the problem of blocked drains, follow the expert tips of Action Drains to fix the issue:

  1. Drain Blockage from Hair

Hair fall is a common problem nowadays. This problem can also be a reason for unblock drains sometimes. Ask how? A lump of hair knot can jam the pipelines of shower and toilet drains. So, find out a long-term solution to solve this issue.

How to Fix the Problem?

Expert drainage cleaners suggest to pull it out with gloved hands to avoid it getting worse. If you call a drainage cleaner, he will use drain spiders to remove the lump of hair from the drain. If the hair knot enters the drain pipes, unnecessary clogging will be the result. Moreover, the pipe may start licking, or overloading water could be the effect. Therefore, take the help of emergency drain cleaning services to resolve this issue.

  • Clogged Drain due to Grease Build-up

Similar to hairs, fat and grease may also build-up in your kitchen sink over time because you wash utensils on your sink, and the dirt blocks the drains of your sink pipe. The fatty or grease substance may stick inside the pipes. According to a drain CCTV survey done by the expert drain cleaners, sticky fat or grease may be the reason for drainpipe leakage or burst. So, it is necessary to clean the grease in the pipe.

How to Fix the Problem?

You can avoid washing fatty or greasy ingredients down in the drain. You can use a smart way to build up the grease by collecting glass jars that you purchase from the supermarket. Instead of pouring the kitchen grease or oil down the drain, put the wastes in a small glass or plastic containers to discard the garbage.

  • Clogged Drains from Toiletries

The blockage of the drainsmay be caused due to the toiletries in your drain pipes and sewers. Most people get into the habit of disposing of toiletries, such as baby wipes and nappies, carelessly that leads to the blockage of the drain after being flushed down the toilet. So, these items are immersed with water and absorb the moisture to block the access of pipes and drains.

How to Fix the Problem?

If you are disposing of toiletries in this way, it can be dreadful for the environment and everyone would be encouraged to do the same in the future. However, your children may sometimes throw the toiletries in the drain. In that case, an emergency drain cleaning service can help you unblock the drain using various equipment.

Action Drains is one of the reputed drain cleaning companies in the West Bromwich. The experts of the company have given the above-mentioned points to remove the blockage of the drain. Feel free to contact us at 01215004060 or email us at info@actiondrains.co.uk if you are in an emergency situation of drain blockage at home or in office.