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5 Simple Tips to Unblock Drains in West Bromwich – Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness

September 29th, 2020

When your kitchen sink is jammed or toilet pipe is clogged, water may not pass easily from the drains. You can easily unblock the drains in West Bromwich if you follow some simple DIYs.

Remember, maintaining the hygiene of your house is your prime responsibility. However, due to your busy schedule, you might not do it. You may hire a drain cleaning service. But if you don’t want to pinch your pocket, you may have a look at some expert tips of the team of Action Drains. Follow some simple DIYs to unblock the drains in your house:

  1. Use Bent Wire Hanger on the Drainage Pipes

If you think emergency drain cleaning in West Bromwich would be expensive, you may use a bent wire hanger to clean the drainage pipe. Use a regular wire to pull out the gunk and grouts from the drain pipes. Moreover, you can easily pull out the hairs with the help of the bent wire hanger.

  1. Apply Vinegar and Baking Soda

Our experts recommend mixing a 1/3rd cup of baking soda with vinegar. It will fizz immediately. Once it is mixed properly, pour it in the blocked drain. You will find that the fizzing action helps in removing the hairs, gunk, and grime, which acts as the barrier in passing water from the drain.

  1. Use Dry and Wet Vacuum

The wet and dry vacuum is a terrific tool to unblock drains in your home. Use a vacuum bag and other tools to clean the pipes in the bathroom and the kitchen.

With the help of the dry vacuum, you can clean the oily grouts and the dirt that is stuck in the drainage pipe of your kitchen and bathroom.

  1. Clean the Pipe by Using Caustic Soda

If you have a U-shaped drainage pipe and it is jammed, you can pour caustic soda in the drainage pipe. Our experts suggest pouring caustic soda and using a wrench to unclog the drains in your home.

Caustic soda is one of the best emergency drain cleaning agents that help in maintaining the cleanliness of the hygiene in your home.

  1. Pour Hot Water with Dish Detergent

Sometimes, the toilet pipes are blocked and it is the reason for the foul smell. No need to call an emergency drain cleaner in that case. Be smart to pour dish detergent with hot water in the toilet pipe.

This will help in breaking the greasy residue and dirt. The hot water will help in breaking the residue of the dirt stuck in the drainage pipes.

The aforesaid ideas will help you unblock drains in West Bromwich in a simple way. If the simple tips do not work, you can contact Action Drains at 0121-500-4060. Shoot an email at info@actiondrains.co.uk if you have other doubts about drainage cleaning.

We provide any to every kind of emergency service related to drainage cleaning in your areas. So, hurry up to consult and contact us for whatever and whenever you need.