Best Professional Ways To Unblock Drains In Emergency

Blocked drains are simply terrible. Blocked drains smell foul, make the place, like a bathroom or the kitchen, inappropriate and are just a nightmare. And it leaves no other option than calling out a 24hr emergency drain cleaning to unblock drains at West Bromwich and save you from the irritable situation.

Though there are various DIY drain cleaning resources available in your household, as well as online, none of these can ensure a result, particularly for a prolonged period. Hence, to unblock a drain fast and fittingly, best you call the local drain cleaning experts.

How to Unblock Kitchen Sink Pipeline?

Kitchen sinks are the place where we often throw out food leftover, scraps of plastic and all sorts of other cooking trash to go down the drain. So it’s of no surprise that these end up clogging the drain.

A professional team would take a few particular steps to fix the kitchen sink drainage pipes, considering that the obstacle is a basic one.

  • Using Hydro Jets

Hydro jets are an advanced drain cleaning tool that includes a high-pressure hose pipe with a peculiar nozzle connected to the terminal end. The initial point is connected to the pressurised water container, and when released, the water forcefully clear clogged drains.

The expert plumbers and drain cleaning experts inspect the drain through CCTV surveys to determine whether there is any breakage in the pipeline before applying the hydro jet.

  • Run Hot Water

As oils and grease are common disposable articles in the kitchen sink, it may solidify and thicken on the pipe walls resulting in an obstructed passage for water flow. In order to unblock drains West Bromwich, the experts may run hot water to test the flow and eject any food or trash from kitchen sink drainage.

  • Auger

Auger is one of the most useful tools for professional plumbers and drain cleaners in West Bromwich. Also known as a plumbing snake, this flexible tool can turn its way through any drain to reach the clog. It is applied in both bathroom pipe cleanings and kitchens sink pipe cleanings.

  • High-pressure jet

Once the occlusion has been recognised and eliminated, a high-pressure jet system is used to flush the drains for clearing debris entirely.

How to Unblock Clogged Toilets?

Blocked toilets are horrible. Nothing but calling the professionals to unblock drains West Bromwich can only save you in such a dreadful situation.

Call a local 24hr emergency drain cleaning West Bromwich to work their magic. The drain unblocking experts can resolve blocked toilets in different ways.

  • Plunger

A plunger is a common tool used in unblocking bathroom drains in the first go. A plunger helps by removing a lump or clogging object using a vacuum. Once the portion is loose, it is more gentle to remove completely.

  • Toilet Snake

If the plunger is not fully effective on the robust blockage, the experts will deploy the auger or the toilet snake. This works in the same way as mentioned in kitchen block removal methods.

Call Professional Drain Unblocking Experts Today

A blocked drain will never fix itself, and if left unattended, the problem will only become more critical. Not only signs of drain blockage will worsen, but the method to unblock drains West Bromwich could further become more complex resulting in costly drain cleaning and repairs.

Hence, we always recommend property owners and occupants to call a local drain cleaning specialist in West Bromwich if you think you have a blocked drain.

The leading drain specialists like Action Drain, are on call for 24hr emergency drain cleaning, 365 days a year. Get in touch with for fast, secure kitchen and toilet drain repairs and regular maintenance.

5 benefits of hiring experts for any drain blockage service in West Midlands

Are you facing problems with drain blockage in the West Midlands? If yes then there are two ways to get rid of it. The first one is by trying to clean the blocked drain on your own. And the second way is by hiring experts for the work. Whichever way suits you, you can easily opt for that. But it is also important for you to know why hiring the experts is the right idea.

Plumbing problems mostly occur during the least expected situation. It can happen in the middle of the night or early morning when you are in a hurry to reach your office. It may also happen that you have to deal with such an issue when some important guests have come for dinner or lunch. To get the right and long-time solutions to your commercial or residential plumbing issues you should hire experts.

A professional and experienced team can provide you better unblocked drains service in West Midlands. Action Drain is a well-reputed company that offers quality drain cleaning service.

Importance of hiring professional plumbers for unblock drains cleaning service

Apart from this, there are many other benefits of hiring professional plumbers of a reputed company for drain cleaning and maintenance service. Some of them are as follows:

·         The first benefit of hiring experts is that they have the right skills. A professional team that is offering services for drain blockage in the West Midlands for years knows the things that need to be done. They have the right idea and therefore you can rely on them to offer you the right solution.

·         Professional plumbers are always ready to offer unblock drains service in West Midlands at any point of time. They are available 24/7.

·         By hiring them you don’t have to face any kind of problem. The reason for this is that they are insured to offer plumbing and drain cleaning service.

·         Another benefit to hire the expert plumbing team is that they have the latest tools and equipment. Therefore, there is no need for you to buy or rent any kind of machines for plumbing services.

·         Offering high class of drain blockage service in West Midlands at a reasonable price is what the experts are reputed for. So, in case if you have a tight budget then you don’t have to worry at all. You can easily hire a professional plumbing team within a reasonable price.

Thus, if you don’t want to waste your time and money to manage the plumbing work on your own then you should look for the experts. They are the ones on whom you can rely to provide you the right solution to all your plumbing related issues.

Action Drain is a reputed company that offers service for drain blockages in the West Midlands. This company has employed trained and experienced plumbers to help the customers in dealing with the plumbing related issues quickly. So, if you need drain blockage service in the West Midlands, you should definitely consult with the team.

What you should know about professional drainage consultant West Bromwich?

People look for drainage consultants when they need an emergency service. Some of them hire the local service provider for repairing the drainage system while others try to do it on their own. But to get the best in class service at a feasible price, it is better to look for a professional drainage consultant West Bromwich who have the right skills and ideas to manage any kind of plumbing issues. They are punctual and will complete the work in a timely manner. They can ensure clients that once the drainage repairing work is completed no issues will be faced by them for years.

Now some of the points which have been mentioned above is just to give you a little idea about hiring the professionals for emergency drain cleaning West Bromwich. An important thing that you need to understand is that hiring expert drainage consultants to get the work done is not an easy task. As there are different companies offering drain cleaning, repair and maintenance service, it becomes tough for the customers to look for experts. Not only this, they get so much confused that they are unbale to decide which company they need to approach. Action Drain is a reputed company that has been offering a wide range of services, such as drain cleaning, pipe installation, sewer surveys, etc. You too can get the help of the experts of this company if required.

To hire the professional team for the drain cleaning, however, it is better to do some research. You need to make an effort to find out the companies reputed to offer emergency drain cleaning West Bromwich.

Another way to get in touch with the expert drainage consultant West Bromwich is that you can easily ask your friends and relatives for their references. They may help and guide you better than others.

Once you have got some references and shortlisted the name of few companies by doing research, the simple thing to do is communicate with the representatives of the companies. You can easily ask about their working process, kind of services they offer, time which is suitable for them to provide the service and more. This will give you an idea about the nature and attitude of the people who are working with different companies.

Lastly, the only thing that you need to do or find out is the price which needs to be paid to get the service for emergency drain cleaning West Bromwich. So, it is better to compare the cost of different service providers for the work. By doing that, you will get good knowledge about the prices that different companies charge for the same set of services.

Thus, you should hire a professional drainage consultant West Bromwich for drain repair, maintenance and cleaning work. You can also book an appointment with the experts of Action Drain and get the drainage system problem detected as soon a possible. They will help you out instantly.

5 Simple Tips to Unblock Drains in West Bromwich – Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness

When your kitchen sink is jammed or toilet pipe is clogged, water may not pass easily from the drains. You can easily unblock the drains in West Bromwich if you follow some simple DIYs.

Remember, maintaining the hygiene of your house is your prime responsibility. However, due to your busy schedule, you might not do it. You may hire a drain cleaning service. But if you don’t want to pinch your pocket, you may have a look at some expert tips of the team of Action Drains. Follow some simple DIYs to unblock the drains in your house:

  1. Use Bent Wire Hanger on the Drainage Pipes

If you think emergency drain cleaning in West Bromwich would be expensive, you may use a bent wire hanger to clean the drainage pipe. Use a regular wire to pull out the gunk and grouts from the drain pipes. Moreover, you can easily pull out the hairs with the help of the bent wire hanger.

  1. Apply Vinegar and Baking Soda

Our experts recommend mixing a 1/3rd cup of baking soda with vinegar. It will fizz immediately. Once it is mixed properly, pour it in the blocked drain. You will find that the fizzing action helps in removing the hairs, gunk, and grime, which acts as the barrier in passing water from the drain.

  1. Use Dry and Wet Vacuum

The wet and dry vacuum is a terrific tool to unblock drains in your home. Use a vacuum bag and other tools to clean the pipes in the bathroom and the kitchen.

With the help of the dry vacuum, you can clean the oily grouts and the dirt that is stuck in the drainage pipe of your kitchen and bathroom.

  1. Clean the Pipe by Using Caustic Soda

If you have a U-shaped drainage pipe and it is jammed, you can pour caustic soda in the drainage pipe. Our experts suggest pouring caustic soda and using a wrench to unclog the drains in your home.

Caustic soda is one of the best emergency drain cleaning agents that help in maintaining the cleanliness of the hygiene in your home.

  1. Pour Hot Water with Dish Detergent

Sometimes, the toilet pipes are blocked and it is the reason for the foul smell. No need to call an emergency drain cleaner in that case. Be smart to pour dish detergent with hot water in the toilet pipe.

This will help in breaking the greasy residue and dirt. The hot water will help in breaking the residue of the dirt stuck in the drainage pipes.

The aforesaid ideas will help you unblock drains in West Bromwich in a simple way. If the simple tips do not work, you can contact Action Drains at 0121-500-4060. Shoot an email at if you have other doubts about drainage cleaning.

We provide any to every kind of emergency service related to drainage cleaning in your areas. So, hurry up to consult and contact us for whatever and whenever you need.

3 Important Reasons to Unblock Drains of Your Home – Ways to Fix the Problems

Blocked drains are the common problems that can be the reason for clogged drain with various unnecessary nuisances. These problems can be the reason for overloading water in your kitchen sink or washroom basin that can be quite irritating when you are in a hurry. This is where property owners need to unblock drains to control the drainage issue.

Hygiene is a necessity during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sanitising and handwashing are not the only ways to prevent the viral disease. It is also necessary to maintain cleanliness by taking care of your blocked drains. If you are facing the problem of blocked drains, follow the expert tips of Action Drains to fix the issue:

  1. Drain Blockage from Hair

Hair fall is a common problem nowadays. This problem can also be a reason for unblock drains sometimes. Ask how? A lump of hair knot can jam the pipelines of shower and toilet drains. So, find out a long-term solution to solve this issue.

How to Fix the Problem?

Expert drainage cleaners suggest to pull it out with gloved hands to avoid it getting worse. If you call a drainage cleaner, he will use drain spiders to remove the lump of hair from the drain. If the hair knot enters the drain pipes, unnecessary clogging will be the result. Moreover, the pipe may start licking, or overloading water could be the effect. Therefore, take the help of emergency drain cleaning services to resolve this issue.

  • Clogged Drain due to Grease Build-up

Similar to hairs, fat and grease may also build-up in your kitchen sink over time because you wash utensils on your sink, and the dirt blocks the drains of your sink pipe. The fatty or grease substance may stick inside the pipes. According to a drain CCTV survey done by the expert drain cleaners, sticky fat or grease may be the reason for drainpipe leakage or burst. So, it is necessary to clean the grease in the pipe.

How to Fix the Problem?

You can avoid washing fatty or greasy ingredients down in the drain. You can use a smart way to build up the grease by collecting glass jars that you purchase from the supermarket. Instead of pouring the kitchen grease or oil down the drain, put the wastes in a small glass or plastic containers to discard the garbage.

  • Clogged Drains from Toiletries

The blockage of the drainsmay be caused due to the toiletries in your drain pipes and sewers. Most people get into the habit of disposing of toiletries, such as baby wipes and nappies, carelessly that leads to the blockage of the drain after being flushed down the toilet. So, these items are immersed with water and absorb the moisture to block the access of pipes and drains.

How to Fix the Problem?

If you are disposing of toiletries in this way, it can be dreadful for the environment and everyone would be encouraged to do the same in the future. However, your children may sometimes throw the toiletries in the drain. In that case, an emergency drain cleaning service can help you unblock the drain using various equipment.

Action Drains is one of the reputed drain cleaning companies in the West Bromwich. The experts of the company have given the above-mentioned points to remove the blockage of the drain. Feel free to contact us at 01215004060 or email us at if you are in an emergency situation of drain blockage at home or in office.